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RT250 ISO Microchip Stick Reader/Scanner 60cm

£215.00 + VAT

The RT250 is a robust, easy to use long reach 60cm wand scanner. Compatible with smart phones and suitable for a variety of specialist applications operating with Dual BT2/BT4 chipset for connection with both iOS and Android devices. (Reading of ISO 11784/5 FDX-B and HDX)

  • FCC CE Compliant
  • Reads all NLIS and RFID tags (ear tags, bolus and injectables)
  • Versatile, easy to use and easy to handle in outdoor field conditions
  • Memory allows for 800 animal IDs
  • It doesn’t duplicate tags if a double read occurs
  • IOS & Android Apps avalable to download
  • High quality LCD display with backlight and integrated loud speaker
  • Data transfer can be done via USB,or on the fly through Bluetooth wireless connection
SKU: RT250-60
Category: ISO Readers/Scanners & Software
Tags: microchip, microchip reader, microchip scanner, microchips, rfid, rfid reader, rfid scanner

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